Park Host Program

Almost all state parks have opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Volunteer positions may be short term, for specific events or activities or ongoing programs.  A popular volunteer opportunity is the Park Host program. Park Hosts are volunteers who supplement park staff and serve as a representative of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Hosts greet campers and give assistance to park visitors and park staff.

More than fifty State Parks have Host positions available. These parks are located throughout the state in a variety of scenic settings. Most parks have opportunities for fishing, hiking, viewing wildlife and other recreational activities. Each park has its own unique features and special qualities.
The use of Park Hosts depends on the visitation at each park. Hosts are used seasonally in some, and at all times of the year in others. Hosts usually serve a minimum of one month; this may be extended with the approval of the Park Superintendent.

The primary duty of the Park Host is to assist park visitors by providing information. Hosts will need to become familiar with park regulations and points of interest in and near the park. Hosts may also be asked to perform duties such as litter collection and light maintenance. Hosts will serve about 25 hours per week and be given days when they will not be on duty. In addition, as a representative of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Hosts should maintain their campsite in an orderly manner. Hosts will not perform law enforcement duties.

In return for their services, Hosts are given designated campsites with water and electrical hookups at no charge. Some parks have sewer hookups as well. Hosts will be trained by the park staff and be provided identification as volunteer workers

For Applications and More Information on the
Park Host program and other volunteer programs write to:
Volunteer Programs – State Parks Division
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, Texas 78744
(800) 792-1112 ext. 4746
(512) 389-4746 ;
or e-mail

Information and a list of parks participating in the host program is available in the State Parks section of the TPW web page,