Pass Through Donations

Some organizations wish to help a park of their choice, but are required to make donations to non-profits rather than a state agency or within a specified time frame. Texans for State Parks has developed a process so that we may act as the fiscal agent for grants and gifts to parks and/or Friends Groups. In such events, the funds will be designated as Restricted Income and shall be dispersed for the predetermined purpose. TfSP will also disperse the funds to vendors, suppliers, or contractors upon receipt of invoices that have been approved by the grantee when necessary. TfSP may retain a predetermined percentage of the donation for expenses. In such cases, the amount will be agreed on prior to the initiation of the grant and will be based on the time and resources required of TfSP volunteers or staff to administer.

For an example, in 2012, TfSP accepted a restricted donation of a ‘gently used’ mobile home from a private individual for relocation to Fort Parker SP along with funds for relocation and repairs in order to provide a second residence at o Fort Parker S.P. TfSP reallocated 100% of the funds for relocation and repairs to vendors as invoices were submitted.


Before the move.


During relocation.


The mobil home now a second residence at Fort Parker.

If you would like to participate in this type of donation, please click the link below to print out the form you need.  Once you have filled it out, please attach the supporting documentation and mail it to

Texans for State Parks
P. O. Box 41480
Austin, TX 78704-0025