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Texans for State Parks is a relatively ‘young’ 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in November 1997.  Other functions of Texas Parks & Wildlife have for years had organizations in support of their particular issues, such as the Texas Wildlife Association and the Texas Game Warden Association, but state parks have been without an organized voice.  In October 1997 a number of interested individuals, several of whom were already active in local Friends Groups, as well as representatives of user groups such as bikers, RV clubs and climbers, to name a few, came together and with the encouragement of TPW leadership, formed Texans for State Parks.

Since 1997, Texans for State Parks has been the only Texas-wide grassroots non-profit organization devoting all of its efforts to advocate the support of our Texas State Parks system, including state historic sites and state natural areas.  Our members are individuals, organizations, businesses, and “Friends” groups dedicated to specific state parks.

State parks are a reservoir of Texas’ natural, historic, and cultural heritage providing affordable, accessible recreation across the state.  Besides recreation the parks are an economic engine for neighboring communities, generating revenue and jobs as well as being an important link in the outdoor education for the visitors.

Texans for State Park work to assure adequate funding to maintain, interpret, and expand the Texas State Parks system.  Together we testify before committees handling park issues and funding at the Texas legislature, visit legislators to educate them about the state parks, inform the public about state park issues, and provide networking opportunities for Friends groups.

Our goals are to be a united, statewide advocate for the Texas State Parks, be an informative resource for state park issues, and to educate the public and elected officials about the state parks and their issues.  We support stable and adequate funding to maintain and expand the state parks system and are a partner with allied groups.  Our organization also works to provide input to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Commission.

TfSP Board of Directors & Staff

John M. Gosdin, President – Austin, Texas
Mark Stine, Vice President – Austin, Texas
Barbara McKnight, Secretary – Stephenville, Texas
Barry Hutcheson, Treasurer – Austin, Texas
Linda Evans, News & Administration – Austin, Texas
Ren Friendberg, Website Master – Bedford, Texas
Board of Directors
Ruth Jordan, Board of Directors – San Angelo, Texas
Tom Rhodes,  Board of Directors- Pert, Texas
Sally Scott,  – Board of Directors -Austin, Texas
Offie Walker,  – Board of Directors – Missouri City, Texas
Pedro Riscado, – Board of Directors – San Antonio, Texas
Our Bylaws (3)