Help your local State Park by volunteering with the Friends Group.  Contact your local State Park and ask them for contact information.  If they don’t have a Friends Group, consider helping start one.  Texans for State Parks can help with this.

Texans for State Parks Grant Program

Texans for State Parks (TfSP) seeks to encourage the development and growth of volunteer groups by offering Development Grants. The grants are intended to help build and/or strengthen individual volunteer groups that provide direct benefits to specific Texas state parks.

Some of the existing volunteer partner groups lack necessary resources required to complete their organizational process. Also, some may need funds to implement targeted activities they have planned to benefit their park.


Your Group Interested in Helping?

If you have an Organization, Friends Group, or other interested parties that would like help organizing or finding out about Texans for State Parks, contact John Gosdin, President of TfSP to schedule a time for a member of Board of Directors to speak to your group.

TfSP represents all the Texas State Parks before the Legislature and makes presentations to groups throughout the State of Texas about our State Parks. This includes funding problems and what can be done to help