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Many state parks have organized groups of interested citizens that actively support their park. These nonprofit organizations, sometimes referred to as "friends groups," work on behalf of park sites to assist with daily programs, special events, fundraising and public education. These groups serve as important links to local communities and park user groups, as well.

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The Friends Groups of the Texas State Parks are a very important part of the Texans for State Parks organization. Without these groups, the organization and parks would be in dire need. Here you will find information concerning grants, the starting of friends groups, and much more to help and encourage our much needed friends. Please click through to our resources page.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Video

Dear friends
I thought I would share a video produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that speaks to the importance of our state parks. I hope you are already planning for wonderful experiences this fall somewhere in the Texas outdoors!

John Gosdin, Texans for State Parks


From Brent Leisure:

I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched it. I can’t seem to get enough of it. State parks have helped to define a part of who I am and what I do, and videos like the one below help to remind me of this.

Your part in our mission and our partnership in accomplishing that mission together is a source of pride for me.

Watch closely in the video and you will see a plaque placed on the side of Independence Hall at Washington on the Brazos. “On This Spot” the plaque says. It causes me to reflect on the special spots in all state parks and the memories they create for us all…..

On this spot…. Texas won its independence
On this spot…. I studied the Milky Way for the first time
On this spot…. I caught my biggest fish
On this spot…. I proposed to my wife
On this spot…. I had a spiritual awakening
On this spot…. I made my career choice that set a course for my life
On this spot…. My children learned to swim

These are all personal remembrances I hold about particular places in Texas State Parks. These places produce powerful moments in people’s lives that you help make possible. These spots remain in the family photo albums, digital files and minds of millions of people. Anything we do to make those experiences special directly aligns with our purpose.

Turn up the volume, enlarge the screen and take note of the importance of your work!

Have a great weekend.

Brent Leisure
State Parks Division Director
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department