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Many state parks have organized groups of interested citizens that actively support their park. These nonprofit organizations, sometimes referred to as "friends groups," work on behalf of park sites to assist with daily programs, special events, fundraising and public education. These groups serve as important links to local communities and park user groups, as well.

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The Friends Groups of the Texas State Parks are a very important part of the Texans for State Parks organization. Without these groups, the organization and parks would be in dire need. Here you will find information concerning grants, the starting of friends groups, and much more to help and encourage our much needed friends. Please click through to our resources page.

Battleship Texas Closed to Repair Leak

LA PORTE— Battleship Texas State Historic Site closed to the public Sunday afternoon after staff discovered a major leak in the iconic ship’s hull.

The battleship will remain closed until further notice pending damage inspection and repairs.

Staff reported the ship was listing 8 degrees to starboard as a result of the ship taking on water. A dive crew was deployed and several holes were found about 15 feet below the waterline today.

Divers are currently inspecting for other leaks while efforts continue with pumping water off the ship.

For updates on when the battleship reopens, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.

UPDATE 6/13 10 a.m.: The Battleship Texas’ list is currently at about 3.8 degrees, improving from 8 degrees yesterday. Normal list for the battleship is 1.8 degrees. Proactive efforts are still ongoing with the continuation of patching vulnerable areas of the ship’s hull and pumping off water.

Update 6/14 2 p.m.: The battleship’s list is back to normal. Crews continue monitoring the condition of the hull. Decisions to re-open the ship to the public are expected to be made soon.