The Texans for State Parks Annual Conference of the members is held each year for the transaction of the group’s business. The conference is open to all members, and non-members are also invited to attend. The annual conference provides an opportunity to help keep members and other park supporters informed about issues affecting the state park system and to have an opportunity to get involved and make a difference. It also provides an opportunity for members and interested persons to network with others working in support of the parks.

I hope you will make plans to join Texans for State Parks as we gather at Tyler State Park for our annual conference April 12 and 13, 2024 in the beautiful northeast Texas Piney Woods. Highlights of the conference will include a keynote address from State Park Director Rodney Franklin. We will also take this opportunity to recognize outstanding staff and volunteers from around the state for their contributions to making Texas parks the best in the country.

More details about the program and overnight facilities will be available here in the coming months and with email flyers.    For those who want to register online, the CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM is now active at CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM .

Activities will begin Friday with a welcome and a light meal at 6 pm. Presentations will begin at 7:00 pm when members have the opportunity to show off their work in their parks and there will be space for members to display information on their organizations and activities.

Texans for State Parks has developed an Awards Program to positively recognize persons for their exemplary service to our State Parks. The 2024 Nominations may be submitted beginning December 7 and will close February 15th.  Scroll down to the nomination forms below if you wish to submit a nomination.

The presentation of the awards will coincide with the Texans for State Parks Annual Conference each year. Again this year Awards will be presented in four categories in each of the six (6) Texas State Parks Regional Areas. The four categories will be Outstanding Superintendent, Outstanding Staff Member, Outstanding Volunteer, and Outstanding Friends Group.
Nominations may be submitted by the general public, the State Park Staff, or the Friends Group members. For any nomination to be considered, it will have to be submitted through the Texans for State Parks Website using the format provided. Good park communication will avoid duplication of nominations. The nomination committee will present a list of those nominated to each of the regional directors for their review. Those nominated from each region will be voted on by the nomination committee to determine the final four awards in each region. The final results will be presented by the nominations committee to the President and full board of directors. A winner cannot be nominated again for five years.


Nomination forms for each category can be found  at