Looking for ways we can help you help the Texas State Parks? We offer two grant programs to individuals and organizations looking to improve the Texas State Parks system.

Grants – State Parks Friends

State Park Friends Groups are volunteer-led, membership-based nonprofit partners that support a park site through volunteerism, fundraising and public education. Friends Groups also serve as an important link to the local community. Check the list of current State Park Friends Groups and Support Organizations. If no group is listed for your favorite park, contact the park manager to see how you can help form a group.
Texans for State Parks (TfSP) seek to encourage the development and growth of State Park Friends groups who help protect and maintain our State Parks by offering Development Grants intended to help build and strengthen l volunteer groups that provide direct benefits for public use and enjoyment of individual Texas State Parks.

Pass-Through Grants

Some organizations wish to help a park of their choice but are required to make donations to non-profits rather than a state agency or within a specified time frame. Texans for State Parks has developed a process so that we may act as the fiscal agent for grants and gifts to parks and/or Friends Groups.

To arrange a monetary or property donation to a park through Texans for State Parks, please contact Texans for State Parks, P.O Box 41480, Austin, Tx 78704 or email [email protected]. You may also contact the park of your choice and ask them to arrange the donation through Texans for State Parks.