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Texans for State Parks, incorporated in November 1997 was the first statewide, not-for-profit organization formed to work exclusively in support of the preservation and enhancement of the state parks, state historic sites, and state natural areas of Texas.

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Members include a diverse set of interests (campers, hikers, birders, bicyclists, rock climbers, equestrians, RV owners, swimmers, and canoeists to name a few) with a common concern for the well-being of the state park system. 


Texas State Parks offers two grant programs for the benefit of State Parks.  The Development grants program encourages the development and growth of State Park Friends groups who help protect and maintain our State Parks.

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Throughout 2023, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is raising money for much-needed projects at all Texas State Parks. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports our state parks through fundraising, and they are working to...

TPWD Commissioners Vote to use Eminent Domain Authority to Save Fairfield State Park

Fairfield Lake - The TPW Commission held a special meeting on June 10 regarding the Fairfield Lake where the commissioners voted unanimously to use the state's eminent domain authority to purchase Fairfield Lake SP. This is an unprecedented action, and the...

Developing Texas Multi-County Trails Receive TxDOT/USDOT Grant

Two Developing Texas Multi-County Trails Receive TxDOT/USDOT Grant with support of Texans for State Parks and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Two inter-county trails in Texas were recently awarded a total of $25 million through the Texas Department of...

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