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Texans for State Parks, incorporated in November 1997 was the first statewide, not-for-profit organization formed to work exclusively in support of the preservation and enhancement of the state parks, state historic sites, and state natural areas of Texas.

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Members include a diverse set of interests (campers, hikers, birders, bicyclists, rock climbers, equestrians, RV owners, swimmers, and canoeists to name a few) with a common concern for the well-being of the state park system. TfSP’ s goals include providing a united, statewide voice for users of state parks and related groups regarding state park system issues, and working in partnership with those groups and individuals interested in the future of the Texas State Park System.


Texans for State Parks works to keep members informed about issues affecting the state park system, including actions being considered by the legislature, Parks and Wildlife Commission and others with E-news, a web page, and an annual members’ conference in order to provide an opportunity to comment and make a difference.

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  • Add your voice in support of the Texas State Park System
  • Receive “The Voice” – E-news keeping you informed of issues and events
  • Contribute towards activities, events, and projects not possible in park budgets
  • Receive information about legislation and other issues impacting Texas parks


Become part of a growing grassroots system of support groups working to make the park system accessible to visitors.