Texans for State Parks is proud to be a part of the Texas Coalition for State Parks, a group of 90 organizations educating voters about the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund — Proposition 14 — on the ballot this fall. This $1 billion fund will help secure new parks for future generations of Texans to explore and enjoy without increasing taxes.

On November 7, Texans Will Vote on 14 Propositions,
including a $1B Fund to Grow Texas Parks for Future Generations

Texans will have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create more state parks when they head to the polls for the constitutional amendment election. Voters will decide on 14 propositions, including one that would create the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund. Nearly 90 groups have come together in the Texas Coalition for State Parks to support the $1 billion fund, which allow the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to buy land from willing sellers when unique properties that would make for beautiful state parks become available. The fund also allows for the development of these new state parks.

“On this 100th anniversary of our state parks system, we have the extraordinary opportunity to ensure future generations of Texans will have access to more of the open spaces and wild places that make up our great state,” said George Bristol, conservationist, historian, and author of Texas State Parks: The First 100 Years. “The beauty is that these funds have already been set aside by the Legislature from the state’s budget surplus. It just needs voter approval. The constitutional amendment is a good investment of taxpayer dollars with a strong return on investment for Texas’ future.”
Legislation to place the fund on the ballot passed both chambers of the Texas Legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is not surprising as in every poll on parks in the last two decades, Texans have signaled strong support for Texas State Parks. In fact, 77% of voters said they would support the constitutional amendment in a poll conducted this summer.

The ballot language of Proposition 14 is: “The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund to be used for the creation and improvement of state parks.”
The opportunity to vote on Proposition 14 comes at a time when our state is rapidly expanding. Texas State Parks attract nearly 10 million visitors annually, and the current supply of state parks cannot keep up with the demand of our growing population. With the rapid growth of Texas, we must protect Texas’ last remaining natural areas today so that they won’t be lost forever to development.

A “YES” vote on Proposition 14 will secure land to create new parks in the Lone Star State for future Texans to enjoy. Nearly 90 organizations (full list follows) have joined the Texas Coalition for State Parks in support of Proposition 14. For more information, visit GrowTexasParks.org.

Kevin Good, President