About Texans for State Parks

About Texans for State Parks
Texans for State Parks is a statewide, not-for-profit organization that works exclusively in support of the preservation and enhancement of the state parks, state historic sites, and state natural areas of Texas. Incorporated in November 1997, TfSP is supported primarily by membership dues and donations. Membership dues are tax deductible.

Texans for State Parks members include a diverse set of interests (campers, hikers, birders, bicyclists, rock climbers, equestrians, RV owners, swimmers, and canoeists to name a few) with a common concern for the well being of the state park system. TfSP’s goals include providing a united, statewide voice for users of state parks and related groups regarding state park system issues, and working in partnership with those groups and individuals interested in the future of the Texas State Park System. Texans for State Parks works to keep members informed about issues affecting the state park system in order to give them an opportunity to get involved and make a difference. TfSP, with E-news, a web page, and an annual members’ conference, forwards information about actions being considered by the legislature, Parks and Wildlife Commission and others in order that people have an opportunity to comment and affect the outcome of the proposed actions.
Goals of Texans for State Parks
• Mission: Citizens working to preserve and enhance the Texas State Park system.
Goals of Texans for State Parks:
– Provide a forum for state parks and their users.
– Inform state leaders, park volunteers and the public about state park issues.
– Promote adequate investment in state parks for today and the future.
-Facilitate the development and growth of state park partnerships.
-Advise the TPW Commission on matters of importance to state park users and related groups.
– Work in partnership with TPW to enhance park programs and promote public engagement.

Board of Directors – 2023

Kevin Good, President
Austin, Texas

Tom Rhodes, Vice President
Frankston, Texas

Sally Scott, Secretary
San Angelo, Texas

Barry Hutcheson, Treasurer
Austin, Texas

Cathy Crocker
Fort Worth, Texas

Dixie Hoover
Hawley, Texas

Ruth Jordan
San Angelo, Texas

D. Jo Monday
Houston, Texas

Pedro Riscado
San Antonio, Texas 78258

William Sands
San Antonio, Texas

Mark Stine.
Austin, Texas

Offie Walker
Missouri City, Texas